Frank James Lampard started his managerial career on 31st May 2018, governing the Championship club Derby County. He clearly showed he would work for himself and the betterment of the team instead of listening to big mouths. He first made his debut as a manager in charge on 4th August, winning away 2-1 against Reading. His next challenge was Leeds United. Against them, he tasted his first defeat, losing 4-1 to them.

Becoming a Ram:

On 25th September, managing his 12th came for his side Derby County knocked Manchester United out of the EFL Cup on penalties following a 2-2 draw at Old Trafford. Fans started believing in him more. Hoping to reminisce the days back in 1970 Lampard appointment brought enthusiasm to the fans and the club. He usually focuses on young players that fit into his playing style, being able to stand strong throughout the season. Talking about youngsters, one big talent Lampard brought to his side is Chelsea’s juvenile Mason Mount. He plays similar to the role his boss Lampard used to play in his time.

Calling of Jody Morris:

The first move that Lampard played as a manager was to call Jody Morris, the Chelsea U-23 coach as his assistant. Jody Morris, the boyhood Chelsea fan, won the young player of the year award in the 1996-97 season. During his stay at Chelsea, he netted nine goals in 173 appearances. In 2016, Jody became the manager of young Chelsea side, managing 64 games winning an August 51 games, drawing eight while losing 5. During his career as U-18s boss, he led his team to win two consecutive FA cup titles.

Lampard and Morris combination:

Frank Lampard opted the 4-3-3 formation that makes it looks like 4-3-2-1 during the match. He makes his wingers move inside just above the midfield area providing a lot of passes through central midfield, helping each other to play close to one another and creating more chances.

Uniform attack:

Lampard and co. Likes to start their attacking threats from their third. The defenders position themselves in such a way that they receive the ball in the less crowded area, thus having two or more than two options to pass. With the defensive midfielder dropping further back, he gives offers them to move. Noticing this, one of the central defences gets the opportunity to run forward with the ball, producing an attacking threat.

As mentioned above, their two wingers reposition themselves as midfielders, hence providing more passing options in the team giving one midfielder to advance and receive a pass near the box area which triggers him to shoot. Derby County always focuses on making the runs and passes on the inside where their quick-witted players change its position allowing the man with the ball an extra option. If the opponents are blocking the path, he will always have a second opportunity which is passing it to the full-backs. To sum up, their offensive play, the wingers, drop backs a bit, interchange their positions which makes it difficult for the opponent to mark. Lampard instructs his team to change the formation to 4-4-2 while counter-attacking. It provides enough options to the attackers to pass the ball.

Defensive stronghold:

(Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

Not every time you see a proper high pressing play when the ball is not with the team. Well, in case of Derby County their players press the opposition high up in the field to recover the ball as nearest to the goal line. They try to cause inconvenience to the opponent resulting in an error. Derby players’ close the gap in midfield which forces the opponent to make the run out wide. Their back 4 is so compact and reliable which makes the opponent pass the ball back to their half. During counter attacks, 2 of the midfielders drops back to prevent the trouble. They provide a minimum of 4 defenders while the attacker is on the run. This framework lessons the probability of counter-attacks, letting the goalkeeper relax.


Currently slipping down to 7th position Derby County have won 14, drew 9 and lost nine matches in the championship. So far this season they have kept 77% of passing accuracy with 56% possession over the ball. Lampard’s impact on the team is already heard all over the world; his main job now will be to focus on the remaining matches left in the league. They face their next challenge against Nottingham Forest, who are just below them. Looking to reinforce his side, Lampard must win this. He is determined to challenge the top 2, eyeing a huge PL return.



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