Costa Rican goal keeper Keylor Navas who is plying his trade with Real Madrid currently is experiencing some dark days at the club. His role at the club is taken by the newly signed Thibaut Courtois and hence he’s compelled to play second fiddle to him.

Navas was the indisputable starter for his spot before the Belgian arrived in the summer transfer season. Even under Lopetegui, he got many starts with Courtois starting from the bench. However, after Lopetegui was sacked and Solari took charge, the Belgian became the favourite of the coach.

Now, it seems Navas’ role has been reduced to 1/3rd. Solari uses him only in Copa Del Rey matches, with Courtois being his preferred first choice for La Liga and the Champions League.

However Navas isn’t the only one having the bad luck served in his plate, as Courtois isn’t enjoying a good start to his season either. He has conceded 19 goals in 14 matches in La Liga. He probably came to Madrid to chase the bigger goals with the champions; and look at the irony- he’s literally receiving them.

As the season has progressed we have observed another thing and that is: Isco and Asensio share the same story as Navas’ as the pair has seen themselves on the bench for greater lengths of time than warranted.

Expressing his ordeal to El Chiringuito, Navas has said “ I went from winning three consecutive Champions Leagues to not playing”. That sure is a sharp inflexion point in a player’s career.



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