Top scorer of the Bundesliga and the youngest player ever to score 5 goals in a Bundesliga match, Luka Jovic, is a mouthwatering prospect in Europe. He’s leading the scoring chart with 14 goals ahead of the likes of Marco Reus, Robert  Lewandowski who have 13 each and many others who have lower numbers. Naturally, this sensation has attracted the attention of top Europen clubs.

According to reliable media sources it is believed that Barcelona have agreed terms with the Serbian striker Luka Jovic. Barca have been looking for a striker to replace Luis Suarez who is 32 years old and the decline in his physical aspect of the game is already reflecting prominently this season. The 21 year old Serbian might be a good choice for the Catalans to go for in the summer.

Chief Attributes of Jovic’s Playing Style

Frankfurt’s coach Adi Hutter has deployed the 3-5-2 formation often where Jovic partners with Sebastian Haller as the second striker.

Frankfurt carry out their attacks from the wings and Jovic has often scored from the d box after crosses. His ability to score via first touch finish is tremendous as he has scored a number of goals this season in that manner. This requires an accurate awareness about the goal as the striker has to shoot precisely under pressure from the opponent defenders.

Another attribute of Jovic’s playing style is that he likes to receive the ball between the opposition defence and the midfield when he’s near the penalty box so that he can use the adequate space to take a shot with composure. This is demonstrated in the picture below.

Jovic has scored 14 goals and grabbed 3 assists in 19 Bundesliga appearances. His goal tally rises to 19 if all European competitions are considered. He has scored 6 goals each via his right and left foot along with 2 headers which make his 14 goal tally in the Bundesliga.


A comparison with Luis Suarez puts Jovic somewhat near the same pedestal. Suarez has scored 1 goal and 2 assists more  than Jovic in the League matches but when the following consideration is made, there’s less to separate between the two (statistically). Looking at the profligacy of the two strikers Jovic emerges as a much better striker between them this season. Jovic as missed 11 big goal scoring chances while Suarez has missed 20.

In a nutshell, Jovic seems to be a good replacement of the ‘once highly lethal’ gunman Luis Suarez, who is clearly telling through his play that his time as the first choice no.9 at Barca is almost up.


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