In what turned out to be an overwhelmingly lopsided match where the La Liga giants reduced the newly promoted side to smithereens, Barcelona emphatically showed why they are the champions of Spain. Barcelona thrashed Huesca with an 8-2 victory in which they schooled, who can be called, “the newbies”, throughout ninety minutes of the class.  Errr… the match. After eking out a narrow win against another newly promoted side i.e. Valladolid, though a victory was expected for Barcelona, but with such a margin, it wasn’t. The last time Barca scored eight goals was in 2011 and this is the biggest score line yet since then, under the Valverde era.

A few days ago Huesca attacker reportedly said in an interview that he wanted his side to “shut mouths” of Barcelona by giving a good fight. That clearly did not age well, but jokes aside,  that was the kind of attitude Huesca came with at Camp Nou, which in sports is a primary prerequisite to win. They demonstrated this confidence and scored in the third minute, but after 15 minutes things changed.  The first goal was due to a poor aerial ball defending sequence from the Barca’s backline. The team could not progress successfully to the attacking third initially and got dispossessed many times. But Messi scored the decisive first goal to level the score. Rakitic passed the ball to Messi before the d-box, who made a quick turn to avoid the defenders in front and marched ahead closer to goal to fire a shot into the far post by his weaker right foot; and in the meanwhile caused a defender to fall to the ground just by his dance.  A déjà vu of the Boateng moment against Bayern?  Sorry Jerome.

The first goal changed the tempo of the game and Barca started looking more assertive and another goal came in form of an own goal when Jordi Alba put in a cross which got deflected by Jorge Pulido towards his net.  Then, a goal came from Luis Suarez finally, which was a breather for a striker who did not score for two starting games, in which Alba had the role of assister. But just before half time Alex Gallar scored to make it 3-2. Another goal where the Barca defence was caught napping after a goal when they failed to mark the opponents properly.

Fifteen minutes past half time, the score line read 6-2; Barca had made it clear who’s in charge of the game. Following events contributed to that scoreline: Dembele scored.  Messi scored again after Coutinho delivered a wonderful pass through the Huesca defence. After a few minutes Rakitic volleyed the ball into the goal like a bullet when Messi dinked it over the top of defenders to set it up for him. There was still time for Jordi Alba to join the scoring party as Messi registered another assist. And the last one was quite special. It was a penalty awarded which captain Leo, who was on a hat trick, unselfishly gifted to his friend Suarez so that the striker gets a boost to his confidence. The gesture can easily be among the highlights of the match as the leader taught us values at the same time.

With this game, Messi became the highest assist provider in La Liga, who accounts for 151 assists and grabbed the Man of the Match for the second time this season.  But another thing to be equally happy about is that we are seeing our striker regaining his lost form like a phoenix rising from its ashes.


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